SACRED GAMES: Welfare or destroying the lingering tongue of the demons of religion?


” Atapi and Vatapi were two demons. However, any passerby used to call his house with great love, ‘You come to my house. Maybe you are hungry. I will get delicious food.

The passersby would be happily happy and in this way, Vatapi would take the form of a goat using his elusive, demonic powers. The guests would be delighted after eating that delicious goat. And in such a loud voice – Vapati, Vapi come out.

And suddenly the guest’s stomach explodes and a meat carcass comes out and the passerby is here. Then both brothers would dance in joy, they would dance. This is the form of religions. Call the passer-by home with love. Get food with respect. Then take possession of his soul.

Jews, Muslims. Christian Muslim. Hindu Muslim. All are pathetic.

The first original Indian series of online streaming platform ‘Netflix’ is based on the novel by ‘Sacred Games’ writer Vikram Chandra.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Saif Ali Khan, Radhika Apte, Pakanj Tripathi, Varun Grover, Anurag Kashyap, Vikramaditya Motwani and many more important names.

These people gather at one place and bring eight episodes of ‘Sacred Games’ to a round of biopics in return for ‘Naagin Ka Revenge’, ‘Saas Bahu Ke Tamachon’ recap and repaying the old borrowings.

At a time when the crowd is booming with electoral platforms, gutkha paan boils, boiling hearsay, axes in hand, religion is being pushed forward in the squeeze of all these debates. Declaring the most sacred of their religion.

In such an environment, Anurag Kashyap, who often shows cruelty on screen and faces issues on the issue in the country, is not surprised to make ‘Sacred Games’.

Mob lynching, Ram temple, sterilization, Congress’ 70-year-old statement, Emergency, cow, beef at the dinner table, Muslims, Hindus and Bombay blinding with all this, Sacred Games talks about all these.

Where were you in ’84?

‘Where were you during the Emergency?’

‘Why did not speak on Bofors’

‘Why did Shah Bano forget?’

Speak on it and why not on it? If anyone can avoid such questions in today’s date, then it is ‘Sacred Games’. This series has stared at the eyes on your dinner table all the time since the emergency. On the Mandal and also on the huge Virat Rathas heading towards the Ram Temple.

The chariots, whose charioteers have now become the spectators of the same path, whose lumbar tongue had tinkled with the palate to reach the destination – will build the temple there itself.

Police Inspector Sartaj Singh (Saif), Ganesh Gaitonde (Nawaz), a Hindu mafia from Bombay, are the two main characters of this series.

Both have love from Bombay. But Ganesh Gaitonde’s love also includes ‘Love Bites’, whose marks remain on Mashuka’s neck. Ganesh scratches Bombay. But love does not end everything. Leaves the scope for escape.

Ganesh gives 25 days to Sartaj and says ‘Save your city.’

The first season of the ‘Sacred Games’ series is the story of 13 of these 25 days.

Our society full of violence, sex, abuses, where a eunuch has only two identities. When a child is born, they will clap and take money. Secondly they can also be for consumption – all these have been given place by ‘Sacred Games’. This place is the same as you and we see in offices, schools, roads and families.

Our society is not tolerated, a girl is in the field. Where the girls are told, ‘The desk is yours and the field is ours.’

‘I cannot wear a choli to the society, which is naked.’ This line written by Manto seems to be the basic spirit of ‘Sacred Games’. Everything looks clear

But this story is so multilayer and full of many characters that if you want, the whole of India can be seen. Especially the present-day India, which is more of a country less ‘nation’.

‘Everyone has brought their anecdote. Apun’s job is to add him.

With the help of this dialogue by Ganesh Gaitonde, ‘Sacred Games’ and some glimpses of the existing society are available. In which there are many stories, ‘Apun’ is trying to add some stories, characters by simply choosing from Sacred Games.

1. Religion

‘what is religion. Mother is that father?

What is the definition of religion for you now? Has this changed in the past few times? Looking at the surrounding environment and speaking – maybe your answer will be yes. The definition of religion also changes in ‘Sacred Games’. When Ganesh Gaitonde is killed by someone special. The revenge of this death is not taken from any person, but from a religion.

Riots of Babri Masjid, Gujarat, Muzaffarnagar, West Bengal and Bihar. Whether you go Hindu or Muslim The flag remains of elevated religion. Humans are dying, this is talked about much later. Or maybe it doesn’t.

‘Religion is the biggest business in the world market’. The paint on the school wall misses the paint line – karma is religion. But now karma is also divided in our society. On the basis of caste, color, sex, rich, poor.

2. Forged White Hat

A bottle whipped rapidly in the air, rips the forehead, cutting the white cap. The man dies and the white hat ends with him.

The role of ‘Sacred Games’ banty annoys Muslims. But is Bunty the only character inside or outside the screen? The answer is no.

The weeds that grew on the graves of Junaid, Afrazul, Aspect Khan, Akhlaq, Qasim will also say – not at all. It is only the cap, which can be damaged by applying it on the head and holding it in the hand.

There is a scene in ‘Sacred Games’, where the family of Junaid, a boy killed in a fake encounter, is demanding justice, with posters in his hands and tired sadness in his eyes.

3. Woman

There is a line written by poet Alokdhanwa – Just giving birth is not a woman.

Anjali Mathur (Radhika) is a raw agent. The agent sitting at the desk recording the inputs from Balochistan.

But then he takes a chance to get straight into the field. There are two enemies in front. One who is plotting against Bombay. The other is the one who is right and left. Just like we have in our offices and homes, who want how women do the work that men have done.

Anjali fights on both fronts while trying to be sent off field to field and taking her work seriously. Trying to stay out of the house.

How sacred would some people think to keep women at home? Take the history and the truth around you – whatever be the religion, some people like women at home … and a little more inside the house.

4. Vigor, system and love

‘Strength is such a thing that comes and comes when everyone comes and goes.’

You might have gone through this one question sometime. Tell me if you like any boy / girl. Tell me if you love a girl or a boy?

That means love can only be with a boy or a girl? ‘Sacred Games’ answers – No, not at all. This could have been the wisdom of Anurag Kashyap, who could show love to a eunuch (eunuch). Because when it comes to love, one should not misunderstand the moral education.

System. One hit of ‘Sacred Games’ is also on our system. Where there is less scope for telling the truth. Some truths which take strength to say, there is a danger of snatching of the powers by telling them.

Policeman Sartaj Singh, who sincerely wants to make a mark in Bombay. Anjali Mathur. Or the policeman, whose life was cut into small openings, but when he died, a salute of guns was given in the open ground. On seeing the children shocked by the sound of gunfire in front of the father’s corpse, one realizes for the first time, patriotism is also startling.


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