Bihar: How will the crime stop when the bullet is not fired?


During the last rites of former Bihar Chief Minister Jagannath Mishra, all the guns of the Bihar Police were gutted while giving the Guard of Honor.

The jawans were pressing the trigger, but the bullets were all misfire. Not a single gun could fire.

This was a matter of mockery and mockery for the Bihar Police because a former Chief Minister was being given a guard of honor and the present Chief Minister Nitish Kumar himself was also included in the program.

After this incident, Bihar Police is being pulled everywhere from social media to the Chowk-intersection.

Officials of Bihar Police say that in this case, he was taken abusive, after which action is being taken.

Director General of Bihar Police Gupteshwar Pandey said, “It was the SP’s fault. Investigation has revealed that the range was put into practice a few days ago. Then 6 out of 10 bullets were not fired. The cartridges are very old 1996 Whose expiry is only for three years. The same cartridges were used even after 20 years. But this was not disclosed to the headquarters in the SP report. Kari was. Action is getting. Has suspended a policeman Supaul police line. ”

However, Supaul SP Mrityunjay Kumar Chaudhary told the BBC, “I don’t know why not a single bullet was fired. At first glance, it would be considered as a defect of cartridges”.

Why is Bihar Police upset?

Just a day before this incident, in Chapra, criminals surrounded a police car and attacked it.

The inspector and the constable were roasted in broad daylight. Police weapons also ran away with criminals.

But the attack was so well planned that the police could not even get a chance to shoot.

On the other hand, after the recovery of AK-47 and hand grenade from the house in Mokama, Bahubali MLA Anant Singh is also absconding for the last four-five days by dodging the Bihar Police.

A case has been registered against them under the UAPA Act. The court has issued an arrest warrant.

These are all recent incidents that raise questions on the ability and functioning of the police. But the Bihar Police is not troubled only by these incidents.

Jungle Raj’ and today’s picture

The graph of crime in Bihar has increased quite rapidly in the past. Talking about the statistics of Bihar Police, the picture looks worrying.

A look at the data from the period called ‘Jungle Raj’ till now shows that there has been more than double increase in crimes.

In 2001, the number of cognizable crimes in Bihar was 95,942, which increased to 26,2,802 in 2018.

There are some categories of crimes in which more than double the increase has been recorded. In 2001, 746 cases of rape were registered, while in 2018 there were 1,475 cases of rape.

Similarly, in case of kidnapping, 1,689 kidnapping cases were registered in 2001, that number has increased to 10,310 in 2018.

As far as this year’s question is concerned, something similar looks here. In January 2019, 212 murder cases were registered in Bihar, which increased to 330 in May.

Cases of kidnapping have increased from 757 to 1101 from January to May. Similarly, 104 cases of rape were registered in January, while 125 cases of rape were registered in May.

  • Prashant Kishore will clear things up – Nitish Kumar

Chief minister’s warning

The rising graph of crime in the state has been a matter of concern for DGP Gupteshwar Pandey since he took charge as the Chief of Bihar Police on 31 January.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has given a statement in the Assembly on the increased graph of crime. Along with this, the DGP has also publicly spoken several times in warning and advice.

During an event in March this year, the Chief Minister told the DGP from the forum, “Just giving a speech will not work.”

But on 11 August, live on his Facebook page, Gupteshwar Pandey gave impassioned speech, appealing to the public and people for about 15 minutes.

Gupteshwar Pandey, who arrived there on Wednesday after killing Daroga and Havildar in Chapra, had to face the vengeance of the family members of Daroga.

But when Gupteshwar Pandey was holding a press conference on the Chhapra incident, his disappointment was visible.

Been extremely emotional for a few moments. Then he says, “What if I am a DGP, criminals can kill me too.”

What does DGP say?

On the other hand, all kinds of questions have arisen regarding the working style of DGP.

For example, sit in the police station at any time, give a live Facebook speech, etc.

But Gupteshwar Pandey answers these questions very smilingly. Says, “I have my own style of policing. And we are working only to improve community policing. Is it not a good thing if we want to eliminate corruption from the level of the police station?”

How to check the rising crime? To this, Gupteshwar Pandey responds, “We have come out with a new way. We have decided to seize those who have needless weapons and their licenses. We are planning on this in a big way. In the coming days The police will investigate all the weapons and licenses because we have come to know that there are many such weapons which have been issued in the name of someone else, but someone else is using them. “


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