Pakistan reacts strongly to Modi’s highest honor in UAE


On the one hand, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is trying to mobilize Muslim countries around the world to end autonomy in Kashmir, on the other hand, the important Islamic countries of the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates has given Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi its highest civilian The honor is conferred with the ‘Order of Zayed’.

On 14 August, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, while addressing the assembly in Muzaffarabad of Pakistan-administered Kashmir, said that the world’s one and a half billion Muslims are united on Kashmir but unfortunately the ruler is silent.

Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi said on PM Modi’s visit to UAE that he is very grateful that his brother has come to his second home in Abu Dhabi (capital of UAE).

Earlier, the UAE honored the Russian President Vladimir Putin, Queen Elizabeth II and Chinese President Xi Jinping with the ‘Order of Zayed’ honor.

After receiving the ‘Order of Zayed’, PM Modi said that he is feeling proud after receiving this honor.

On the other hand, there is a lot of discussion in Pakistan from politics to media about this development. It is being said in Pakistani media that when India has decided unilaterally in Kashmir, Modi has been given this honor.

Pakistan’s leading newspaper Dawn wrote, “Modi’s entry in the Order of Zayed shows how much India means to the United Arab Emirates.” India is the third largest importer of crude oil. India is one of the world’s largest consumer markets and a large number of Indians work in the UAE. However, many activists are not getting this step of UAE. Samah Hadid, a human rights activist from Beirut, wrote that many Gulf countries are unable to oppose Modi on the basis of economic benefits. They are ignoring the economic opportunities in the face of human rights violations.

As soon as the UAE gave the honor to PM Modi, just a few hours later, the Chairman of the Pakistani Senate, Sadiq Sanarjani canceled his round of the UAE.

Sadiq said in his statement that due to Modi’s decision, injustice is being done to Kashmiri Muslims and the UAE gave him its highest civilian honor. Sadiq said that going to UAE in such a situation would be an injustice to the Kashmiri mothers, sisters and the elderly.

The UAE’s highest civilian honor is given in the name of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the first President of the United Arab Emirates.

Although this honor was announced in April itself. At that time, the United Arab Emirates had announced that PM Modi has given a new height to the relations of UAE and India.

Labor Party MP Naz Shah in Britain has reacted strongly to PM Modi getting the Order of Zayed. Naz Shah has expressed his objection by writing an open letter.

He said that Sheikh Mohammed should consider it in view of India’s decision in Kashmir. Naz Shah has written, “The award should be reconsidered. You should think about this in view of the violation of human rights. ”

Senior Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir wrote on Twitter, commenting on Modi getting the UAE’s highest honor, “The world’s leading Muslim leaders remain silent but a brave against giving fascist Modi the highest UAE honor” British MP Naz Shah has lodged an objection against this decision of the UAE Government. Naz has expressed the feelings of Pakistanis and Kashmiris. Many thanks to brave sister Naz Shah.

Don’s journalist Jamil Farooqui has written on the whole issue, “Satyanaash be Arab.” Historians will write that at the time when India is completely banned in occupied Kashmir, Modi was given the greatest honor of the United Arab Emirates.

Why UAE is important for India?

In Abu Dhabi, Hindi has become the third official language used in courts.

Earlier there were Arabic and English but now Hindi has also been added to it. This has been done so that no problems of any kind have to be faced in getting justice.

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department said that making Hindi an official language would help in ensuring justice in labor lawsuits.

This decision has been taken due to the increasing number of Hindi speakers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

According to official figures, the total population of the UAE is 9 million and two-thirds of it is migrant. There are 26 lakh Indians among these migrants. It is 30 percent of the total population and it is the largest part of the migrants.

Youssef Saeed Al Abri, Under Secretary of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, said that this was done for transparency in the judicial department.

Al Abri told Khaleej Times, “Hindi has been added as a court language because people do not have to face any kind of complexity in the justice process.”

The people of Kerala are the largest in the UAE. According to an IndiaSpend report, Kerala contributes the largest amount of foreign exchange sent to the country from the Indian diaspora.

Kerala has 40 per cent share in it, while Punjab is at number two with 12.7 per cent, Tamil Nadu (12.4 per cent) at number three, Andhra Pradesh (7.7 per cent) at number four and Uttar Pradesh at number 4 with 5.4 per cent.

Kerala has a total of three crore population and 10 percent of its people do not live in their state. The Center for Development Studies says that migration from Kerala to Gulf countries is not new.

According to Gulf News, there are 1,076 flights between India and the United Arab Emirates every week. Tourism between the two countries is also increasing continuously.

The UAE has also given many relaxation in visa rules for Indians. India has also made arrangements for e-visa for UAE citizens since 2015.

Dubai is the hub of trade, travel and logistics for India. The international airport of Dubai is the most important air hub.

According to recent statistics, Indians are the largest tourists visiting Dubai. Dubai-based company DP World and Emaar have major investments in India, on the other hand Indian companies have also made Dubai their center.

Indian expatriates have played an important role in the development of the UAE. The construction workers to service staff and technocrats are the most Indians here.

After Narendra Modi became PM in 2014, relations with the UAE and Saudi have intensified. Modi is the only leader of India whom Saudi has given his highest civilian honor.

“The trade between India and the UAE will reach $ 100 billion in 2020,” Abdullah Al Saleh, Under Secretary of Foreign Trade and Industry of the United Arab Emirates, said in August last year. In 2017, there was $ 53 billion trade between India and UAE, out of which $ 35 billion was non-petroleum.

India is the third largest trade partner of the UAE after China and the United States.


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