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Exactly 47 years ago, on August 7, 1972, Ugandan dictator Idi Amin ordered that about 80 thousand Asians, who have been in the country for many generations, leave from here in 90 days, otherwise their land and capital will be confiscated.

And those who want to stay in Asian country, they have to apply for citizenship again and every such application will be decided on merit after investigation.

Most of them were second or third generation in Uganda and they did not even believe that they would be removed from here.

Idi Amin had a large number of Gujarati businessmen in the Asian population inhabited since the time of the British rule. The main reason for taking them out of the country suddenly was told that these Asians are neither Ugandan loyalists nor do they want to mingle with the local Africans. They have only one aim, to fill their chests by emptying the pockets of officials on the pretext of business.

The aim of expelling these Asians is to return the original inhabitants of Uganda.

The government of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi called the Indian ambassador back from the capital Kampala and drove the Ugandan ambassador from Delhi, calling this decision of Idi Amin an open violation of the international principles of human rights and citizenship.

Idi Amin did not weed out the opposition of the Western world, including India and Britain, and said that what is good and what is bad for Uganda, only the Ugandans will decide. He said that we will not get into any blackmailing.

Out of 80 thousand, 23 thousand Asians were allowed to live in Uganda after examining the documents. But 60 thousand Asians had to tie the bag.

The world was not so harsh 47 years ago. Most of the Asians who were expelled were money-rich. That is why Britain has invited many. Some went to Kenya and resumed their work there.

Idi is gone, but his ghost remains

Three to four thousand settled in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. When did Idi Amin leave, but his ghost remained.

10 million Rohingyas of Burma and nearly two million humans living in Assam have become illegal, immigrants or intruders. These are being described as the earth’s burden and termites.

At this time, there are about six million Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis living in Britain and North America in total.

If today Prime Minister Boris Johnson or Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or President Trump declare that all those who have settled in USA, Canada or UK since 1971 will have to apply for citizenship again, otherwise they will have to leave.

If such a policy is announced, how will the Indian Home Minister Amit Shah react to it? Will you welcome, condemn or keep silence?


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