Debate on whether or not Nitish Kumar is ‘out in Bihar’


‘Slogan Politics’ is going on in Bihar these days.

The ruling party JDU has given a new slogan by putting a banner at the party headquarters- “Why consider it, Nitish Kumar!”

In response to this, activists put up a banner in front of the opposition party’s RJD headquarters, “Why not consider it, Bihar which is sick.”

In response to Nitish Kumar’s new slogan on social media, many slogans are being given, one of which is, “Done, thoughts will be uprooted, Nitish Kumar will be no more.”

This slogan has been given to some 3.96 lakh employed teachers who are considered supporters of Nitish Kumar till some time ago

Where did the slogan come from

When we reached the JDU headquarters on Veerchand Patel Path in Patna on Tuesday afternoon, two banners bearing this new slogan were seen at the main gate itself.

When asked the headquarters in-charge cum National Secretary Ravindra Prasad Singh, he said, “It has come from among the people. During the last Lok Sabha election campaign, when we went to villages and towns, this was the response of the people. People are saying that it is Don’t think, Nitish Kumar is fine. “

Earlier, during the election campaign, some slogans related to Nitish Kumar have come. For the first time he came – “This time, Nitish Kumar.”

What does ‘ thike ‘ mean ?

There is a lot of discussion about a word used in the slogan “Thike”. It is being said that by writing “OK”, it seems that Nitish Kumar is just working. It is being said that this word does not seem to be as effective in this slogan.

Ravindra says about this, “Those who are raising this question, they have little understanding of Gawai, Bihari and typical Bihari language. We had made an appeal to the people of the village about Nitish Kumar’s development work and good governance. Consider it, he got the same answer. Grammatical defects are not extracted in the typical language. Now if people say the same thing in Hindi, they will say – well, Nitish Kumar. “

Ravindra says that it can be called a formal start of the assembly election campaign by JDU. 

RJD’s counter slogan

On the other hand, in relation to the poster on the RJD headquarters, we had a discussion with Tanveer Hassan, a senior party leader met at the headquarters and a candidate from Begusarai in the last Lok Sabha elections.

They say that the workers, not the party, put a banner in front of RJD headquarters.

He says, “But he is right. All the things related to law and order, education, health in Bihar are shown in the posters. After which the slogan about Nitish Kumar’s image was coined. Our party will make this slogan chop its weapon. “

Taking a dig at Nitish’s slogan and raising questions, a poem has been presented by the Leader of Opposition in Bihar Assembly, Tejashwi Yadav and RJD. The poem is being shared on all the social media.

How much good governance in Bihar?

It seems that the opposition has got a chance to attack Nitish Kumar’s good governance image after the new slogan.

As far as the good governance image is concerned, now only the figures of the Bihar government raise questions on this.

According to Bihar Police records, the number of cognizable offenses in Bihar in 2001 was 95,942, which increased to 2,62,802 in 2018. There are some categories in crimes in which more than double increase has been recorded. 

Similarly, in case of kidnapping, 1,689 kidnapping cases were registered in 2001. In 2018, this number has increased to 10,310.

As far as this year is concerned, 212 murder cases were registered in Bihar in January 2019, which increased to 330 in May.

What does the ruling on crime statistics say ?

The growing graph of crime and the bad condition of law and order has given the RJD an opportunity to question the slogan of the state government and Nitish Kumar.

The official Twitter handle of Tejashwi Yadav, Rabri Devi and RJD are constantly tweeting in this regard.

On this, JDU MLC and party spokesperson Neeraj Kumar say that the increase of criminal record also depends on the speed of population.

And to make it better than before. We are doing the same thing. You cannot question our governance only because of increasing crime. And if crimes Also, cases like kidnapping, ransom, massacre are not done as before. As far as criminal records are concerned, you will also have to see at what rate the population has increased. “

Neeraj Kumar retaliates in accusatory language to those who question good governance.

He says, “They are the opposition. And in what face will they talk to us, their people are imprisoned in many serious matters and are in jail.”


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